Green Thumb Landscaping Co.

Coursework - Capstone Project

Focuses: WordPress Development | Team Cohesiveness | jQuery

Tools I Used:

Silver Paradise Luxury Resort


Business Brochure In Frame

Focuses: Responsiveness | UX/UI | CSS

Tools I Used:

Westwood Heights Pet Hospital

Client Project

Client Project In Frame

Focuses: CMS | Visual Design | HTML

Tools I Used:

Flixify: Movies on Demand


Movie Database In Frame

Focuses: React | API Calls | Adobe Photoshop

Tools I Used:

A little bit about me.

Toren's Headshot

I’m Toren. But if you've scrolled this far down, you know that by now!

I’m a web developer and prototype designer based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Technical Web Design program.

While I love creating fluid, user-friendly websites that focus on simplistic yet thoroughly informative functionality, my true passion is where the development process begins: prototyping. You may be asking, “Why is prototyping so important? I have Photoshop, I can make a mock-up myself!” You’re right. You absolutely could. However, I strive to focus on every little, teensy-weensy detail, from the kerning (space between the letters) of the text used to showcase your business, to the size and radius of the borders you choose around your images. Every little detail speaks volumes to how your site will appear when it goes live, and I focus in with laser point vision on all of it.

Away from the screens, I love all things outdoorsy. Having lived in Vancouver all my life, I’ve always found time for a little adventure hear and there, whether it be a last minute hike up Tunnel Bluffs in Sea-to-Sky country with my dog Oliver, or a quick ferry ride across the Strait of Georgia to pick up some craft apple cider on Salt Spring Island.

I look forward to helping you start the process of creating your vision, through beauty, functionality and pure creativity.

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